Thursday, August 4, 2011

Diablo 3

They are trading in game items for real life money through the auction house. I am not for this, but it would beat out the goldsellers for a while.

Humble Bundle 3: now with Humble Bundle 2

If your canned response to being offered a new computer game is "Meh, I'll wait for the Steam sale," you're going to love this. Humble Indie Bundle 3, which already allows you to act with severe frugality, now throws in Humble Indie Bundle 2 when you pay more than the average price ($4.97 at time of publishing), or if you already bought it before 10:30AM PST this morning.

It seems the new metric for measuring interest is "Meh, I'll wait until there's another bundle in it."

This latest mutation contains, in addition to six cool indie games (like Crayon Physics Deluxe, And Yet it Moves and VVVVVV), the full Bundle 2 set: BraidCortex CommandMachinariumOsmosand Revenge of the Titans.

Well, maybe it's not quite the full Humble Indie Bundle 2 as it was. It was later expanded to include ... Humble Indie Bundle 1. Think of that as a warning: At some point, your penny pinching and love for recursion will intersect inside one of these bundles.